Sunday, August 2, 2009


Wow... okay so it's been a crazy couple of months .... but it's about time I tell everyone what's been up! The demo has been coming along slowly but surely.... crazy busy work schedule.... You have no idea. I recently hit up Los Angeles w/the Sis.... we are both signing with NETWORK INTERNATIONAL ... a talent agency in Beverly Hills.... kind of psyched.... I'll be heading back down to do some interviews w/some label execs in a few weeks which is awesome! On top of that... i've been writing like crazy! Two of my songs "No Parade" and "You're Never Gonna Get Me" are finished.... i'm excited about them... a third song "Who You Are Without Me" is also coming along... I'm getting excited to put them to music at some point.... I'd love the chance to record them... two more songs "All U Ever Wanted" & "The Day We Fall Apart" have had sample lyrics up here.... hopefully ya'll got a chance to check them out! We Shall see where the road winds.... i'll keep you posted... Peace all!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


THE CIRCUS TOUR returns to North America in AUGUST 2009..... The final leg of Britney Spears' phenominal Circus Tour will commence this August... get your tickets now at or ... the Tour is quickly selling out! Don't miss the best show of 2009 so far!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Britney ROCKS the Big Easy!!

The reviews are in for Britney Spears' Highly anticipted return to the stage, "The Circus: Starring Britney Spears", which kicked off to a sold out croud last night in New Orleans!! Here's what the Associated Press had to say...

"Acrabats twirled from suspended fabrics, as Spears sang and danced, and showed off her toned body through her flirty & seductive routines"- Associated Press

"The pop-star pulls out all the bells, whistles, & clowns in a spectacular show that dazzles fans, and sets her up for a major comeback"- L.A. Times

"The radiant ring-leader proves she's a "put on a show kind of girl", in a spectacular show before thousands of fans in the big easy!"- Entertainment Tonight

"It's truly a sight to behold.... The biggest show under one roof"- Mtv News

"Britney Spears put another notch on her comeback belt as she powered through a nearly 2 hr opener for her Circus: Starring Britney Spears Tour..."- RollingStone

"Britney fans want lavish productions, insane choreography, and spectacle, spectacle, spectacle! It seems they got all that and more. Overall the kickoff concert seems like a total success"- NY Post


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's official folks........ Britney's tour has officially gone underway... Get ready New Orleans.... The wait is over.... Britney Spears performs live in the center of the ring TOMORROW.... For those cities towards the end of the tour dying for a sneak peak..... here's the offical teaser from Candies... a sneak peak at the final dress rehearsals for THE CIRCUS- starring Britney Spears....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

BRITNEY's Hitting The Road!!! 5 Days.... The Circus is Coming!

This new image just popped up on yesterday!! Brit's team has officially announce these are a few of the 16 trucks that will carry Britney's MASSIVE stage sets, costumes and crew throughout the diration of her tour "The Circus: Starring Britney Spears".... The trucks are prepped to role.... and are departing from Los Angeles tomorrow on their way to New Orleans.... where Britney Spears will officially take the stage for the first time since 2004... in just 5 days!! (How's that for a huge run-on sentence!) Hope everyone's ready... this tour promises to be Britney's best to date... can't wait to see if they deliver!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KELLY CLARKSON- All I Ever Wanted.... on YOUTube now!!

Hey Everyone!
Itching to hear Kelly Clarkson's highly anticipated new album "All I Ever Wanted"?? Good news! The album has leaked onto the internet.... "All I Ever Wanted" is on youtube in it's entirety! Look up Danisphoenix on YouTube... there's a Kelly Clarkson- All I ever Wanted 2009 playlist.... you can preview all 14 songs now! The album officially drops March 10, 2009.... so pre-order your copy today!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"THE DAY WE FALL APART"....... new song lyrics....

Here's a little snip of the chorus for another song i've written called "The Day We FALL Apart".....

"Cuz since you ran away.... I've loved you from that day, the day you broke my heart.... Can't do it anymore, cuz I loved you from the day, the day we fell apart.... and now you're new LOVE is coming undone, and I am the one you'll turn to for comfort.... and you'll love me from this day, the day we fall apart...."

The song was inspired by an upcoming song by my favorite singer Kelly Clarkson, called "The Day we Fell apart".... hers is a little more of a lovey song, a regretful breakup.... I wrote mine to a little more bitter tune....... due to some personal things..... i think it's turning out quite entertaining.... you should definitely check out the original though.... Kelly has a way of throwing such angst into these kind of songs..... while hers is more of a regret from her point for hurting someone else... the angst and regret is still there....... pretty awesome song.......

Monday, February 16, 2009

"ALL U EVER WANTED"..... my new song!!

So......... i've written a new song that i'm totally psyched about! It's called "All U Ever Wanted".... The song lyrics are fast and forward.... and I love that about it...... still putting some finishing touches in.... but in the mean time here's a little peak at the chorus...........

"Don't be A fool, you want me and i'm right in front of you... Don't play it cool, you say you love me and I know that you do... We can be together now, here and there forever now... You can have it how you want, Don't be shy your what I want... I'll be all u ever wanted girl, all u ever wanted.... tonight".....

so.... there it is........ a little peak at what I hope will be a great song someday.... when I get to work with a band at some point..... I hope it will be the uptempo pop rocker that it is in my head.... ;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The CIRCUS is coming.... in 15 Days!!

Get ready New Orleans!! The CIRCUS is coming in 15 days!! Fans all over the country are psyched..... they've been waiting for 5 years....... and it's finally here..... in just 15 days.... the Legendary BRITNEY SPEARS will take to the stage once again for her 3 month tour "THE CIRCUS: STARRING BRITNEY SPEARS"....... if you don't have your tickets yet, you better hit up Ebay or try winning radio station give aways because this one is sold out!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


So i'm not sure if anyone's aware..... but Kelly Clarkson's latest album "All I Ever Wanted" was scheduled for a late March release..... however.... on the heels of the monstrous success of the lead single "My Life Would Suck Without You", RCA has officially announced that the disc will be released on March 10, 2009... What's more? RCA has also officially announced a deluxe version of the disc will be released. The album features production by Dr. Luke, and Ryan Tedder of One Republic, among others.... The track list is as follows....

The Deluxe Edition of "ALL I EVER WANTED" includes:
1. My Life Would Suck Without You 2. I Do Not Hook Up 3. Cry 4. Don’t Let Me Stop You 5. All I Ever Wanted 6. Already Gone 7. If I Can’t Have You 8. Save You 9. Whyyawannabringmedown 10. Long Shot 11. Impossible 12. Ready 13. I Want You 14. If No One Will Listen
BONUS TRACKS: 15. Tip Of My Tongue 16. The Day We Fell Apart
In addition.... the album will include an exclusive DVD featuring in studio "making of the album", and "Making of the Video" clips.... plus the official music video for "My Life Would Suck Without You".... and an offical photo album.

RCA has also announced the 2nd single off of ALL I EVER WANTED as track 2 "I Do Not Hook Up", which was co-written by Katy Perry. RCA expects great things for this album and Kelly.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Robert Plant & Allison Krauss.... Album of the Year

So i'm not sure if anyone watched the 51st Grammy Awards this past sunday, but if you did then you know that one of the most successful albums this year both for nominations and actual wins was "Raising Sand" by Robert Plant & Allison Krauss... Now at first i'll admit, I was not too thrilled when they took Album of the Year, the most prestigious award of the night, from Coldplay.... However.... It did drive me to head on over to iTunes and give it a listen.

Folks I'm telling you... This is one of the best albums i've heard in very long while. Robert Plant, Led Zepplins legendary front man, has an amazing voice, and he takes it to a folk style. Allison Krauss, one of Country's leading ladies does the same and meets Plant in the middle, and the harmonies they put to this disc are sensational. Lyrically deep, and musically phenominal, RAISING SAND has become a favorite of mine..... Everyone should head over to iTunes today and download a copy..... you won't be disappointed. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Okay... so here's a little bit of my daily life.... LOL.... today (despite being sick) was really quite busy... studied this morning... worked all day.... grabbed coffee w/a friend, dinner w/the fam... watched a little NCIS (My New Addiction... LOL)... and now i'm studying yet AGAIN for my huge a$$ history test tomorrow :) sounds interesting? ya it's not.

Upside?? Creatively my mind has been going nuts these last few days.... I've been getting all kinds of ideas for my book FROM MY SIDE OF THE GLASS which is awesome! I've begun the structuring of the book right now.... you know.... the part where I decide how it'll all flow and what the chapters will be.... Hopefully i'll actually begin writing soon.... GOD WILLING... On the music front i'm really getting psyched... I'll be in the studio again this week covering a song called "Anything But Down".... it's an OLD sheryl crow number... really dramatic... awesome lyrics (some of which i've re-written...ahh) and it's getting exciting! I'll also be recording "My Life Would Suck Without You", a cover of yes, my idol Kelly Clarkson.... hopefully they'll both come out nice... that'll be a couple totally diferent sounds to hand to my friend (whose actually working w/ a producer in the industry :O.... ) yes i'm excited.... anyways.... that's what's been up... OH YA... and i've written three more songs of my own... "How U Make Me Feel (Beautiful Nightmare)", "All U Ever Wanted", and of course my favorite "Crash Into You".... I'll start previewing some lyrics soon............

Anyways.... that's all for now.... there's a day in my life.... boring LOL... hopefully more excitement will follow.... ya okay now i'm off to study some more... flippin history! suckfest...


Sunday, February 1, 2009

The CIRCUS rehearsal pics revealed....

Well.... whether or not Britney Spears is as well as she seams is unsure.... however... Jive Records/AEG Live insist all is well and her upcoming tour "The Circus: Starring Britney Spears" is going ahead as scheduled with no delays.... To convince the fans... these pics were released in late January.... The pics show a very, very nicely toned Britney (if I do say so myself), dancing with backups, and having fun in the process.... Britney's manager has come out on the line officially defending the original tour crew (Led by Wade Robson, whom Britney was rumored to have had an affair with, ending her relationship to Justin Timberlake in 2001) quitting, saying "Britney was uncomfortable being front of someone who had such an effect on her life before, we are much happier with the direction the tour is headed now"... Jamie King was annouced as the tours Director, and is the creative Genius behind Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet Tour", "Confessions Tour", Ricky Martin's "Livin La Vida Loca Tour" and Christina Aguilera's "Back to Basics tour" amongst others... The tour kicks off this march! I'm pretty psyched having won front row tickets... I think the show should be pretty rad....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Life Would Suck Without Kelly Clarkson!!

KELLY CLARKSON is officially my idol..... everyone who knows me knows I have a sick obsession. Well here's the deal... I have to throw up a shoutout because Kelly's new single "MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU" just broke BILLBOARD HISTORY!! The song jumped from #97 to #1 in week! The record, previously held by Britney Spears' "Womanizer", is the highest debut in years for Kelly Clarkson, and it marks her return to Pop music.... The new album drops March 10, 2009... while the music video is up on the website now! Check it out!