Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So i'm kind of excited as it's official.... I'm going to write a book. You see I thought over the past 2 years of having nothing going on that I was just wasting my time... HOWEVER.... I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.... Therefore, I've decided to write a commentative novel about the customer service world. The book, tentively titled "FROM MY SIDE OF THE GLASS: Customer Service in a Lazy World" will be retrospective look at society over the past decade examining how we as a culture have become one of the laziest societies ever. The book will feature several chapters about my life as a coffee barista/concessions attendee/Box Office Cashier/waitor and will share the experiences (mostly comical) that I have been through, and the things i've noticed in both my small hometown and the Los Angeles area of California.... Don't worry.... the books not going to be a sociology's going to be mostly comedy! I have no idea how to get a book published so I guess i'll have to figure that part out later.... I just like I feel this is a good use of my time! :0

Peace All

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The CIRCUS is coming!!

So in case you didn't already know.... this blog is my personal blog. It will have journal entries from my daily life (woohoo) plus blogs about my interest.... Music is what I love.... the industry as a whole... and there are a few certain artists that I love no matter what.... and you'll be hearing about them on here alot... Here's how it goes...

There are two leading ladies in my iPod... One i've been a fan of since 8th grade... that's one miss Britney Spears... The other... I discovered as she won the first American Idol back in 2002... that's one miss Kelly Clarkson... you'll hear all of their major news on here regularly just so you know.... that being said.... this first blog is dedicated to Britney!

CIRCUS....brit's highly anticipated comeback album is out now and already platinum...and just in case you were wondering.... the tour that everyone's talking about (yes that sold out one....) is on schedule and coming! Here's the first promo flyer!!